Latino Health for All Coalition creates opportunities for community members and groups to work in common purpose to improve health for All Latinos in Wyandotte County, Kansas. Community stakeholders identify priority strategies for change and the coalition’s action plan.

The Coalition was initially funded by the National Center for Minority Health and Health Disparities in 2008, and has been going strong for a decade. The University of Kansas Center for Community Health and Development (KU CCHD), University of Kansas Medical Center, and El Centro, Inc. work with local partners to address important health issues in the Latino community by promoting healthy nutrition, physical activity, and access to health services.


Organizational Structure

The Partnership is comprised of Action Committees and an elected Community Action Board (CAB) which oversees the Action Committees and a mini-grant process. Community-determined priority strategies guide the annual distribution of mini-grant funds to local organizations that implement new or expanded programs and policies.​ Action Committees are divided into three main goal areas of the Partnership (healthy nutrition, physical activity, and access to health services), and are guided by a Chair and Co-Chair.


What Members Appreciate About the Coalition [PDF]